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innocent spouse relief

Who is Entitled to Innocent Spouse Relief?

Spouses who choose to file their tax returns jointly depend on one another to truthfully report their income and comply with the tax law. When a husband or wife falls short on that obligation, their spouse may find themselves facing IRS collections.… Read More
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IRS passport certification

How to Contest an IRS Passport Certification of Seriously Delinquent Tax Debt

An IRS passport certification of seriously delinquent tax debt can cause the passports of U.S. taxpayers living overseas to be revoked or not renewed, leaving you scrambling to avoid disrupting your life in another country. Here is what you can do to… Read More
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stack of dollars

High-Income Taxpayers: Get Your Taxes Filed On Time, or Else, IRS Says

Individuals and households earning more than $100,000 often have more complicated tax situations than their lower-earning counterparts. That could be especially true this year, as many wage-based employees are finding themselves working from home and… Read More
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amount you owe

IRS Tax Installment Agreements: What You Need to Know

The amount taxpayers owe the IRS for unpaid taxes and penalties can add up quickly. Past-due penalties and statutory interest can turn even a modest unpaid tax debt into a significant problem, even for couples making a comfortable living. IRS tax ins… Read More
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IRS Ignores Reasonable Cause Statements in Assessing Foreign Trust Account Reporting Penalties, Website Says

Recent changes to the IRS website acknowledged an existing policy to assess penalties for failure to file Form 3520 regarding foreign trust assets without considering taxpayer-provided reasonable cause statements. The website warns that taxpayers wil… Read More
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Gavel, calculator and money

IRS Sues Adult Children to Collect Their Parent's Tax Debt and FBAR Penalties

Tax debt is notoriously hard to get rid of. The IRS is a zealous creditor with some tax liabilities even surviving bankruptcy. If you owe significant unpaid taxes, the IRS has a variety of ways to collect on that debt. But could those collections aff… Read More
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Court Says Taxpayer Could…

Court Says Taxpayer Could Not Redeem Real Estate Sold Under Tax Lien

Taxpayers who sink their assets into real estate rather than pay their taxes can find themselves facing sheriff sales when the IRS comes to collect what is owed. One taxpayer tried to use a Utah law to redeem real estate sold under a tax lien, but th… Read More
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U.S. Tax Court Suspends I…

U.S. Tax Court Suspends IRS Tax Levy During Tax Appeal

Can the IRS continue to seize your income even if you are appealing a tax determination? Can you stop an IRS tax levy if you believe there was an error, or do you simply have to pay now and sue later? The U.S. Tax Court provided a helpful summary of… Read More
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Bankruptcy Court Lifts St…

Bankruptcy Court Lifts Stay for IRS to Collect Tax Lien on Retiree’s Pension

Bankruptcy attorneys often advise clients that filing their bankruptcy petition will put an end to collections efforts by creditors. However, tax attorneys know that the IRS does not give up so easily. A recent bankruptcy court case shows that an aut… Read More
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The IRS Offer in Compromi…

The IRS Offer in Compromise: What You Should Know

If you are substantially behind on your personal taxes you may be considering a tax settlement. In some cases, an offer in compromise can offer you a quicker resolution and reduce the total amount paid to the IRS. However, before you submit an IRS of… Read More
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