Why Work With Us?

Joe Viola Knows the System

  • Wide knowledge of tax law. Joe Viola possesses a wide-ranging and detailed knowledge of federal tax law with a particular emphasis on the kinds of tax law issues that come into play on a regular basis in tax controversies between individuals or small businesses and the IRS.
  • Over 30 years of experience. Joe Viola has a comprehensive understanding, developed over many years of practice, of the nuances of federal tax procedure and the tax controversy process – how the system really works and how to exploit it; what works and what doesn’t.
  • The IRS inside and out. Joe Viola has a thorough knowledge of the inner workings and prevalent attitudes of the Internal Revenue Service and extensive experience dealing effectively with the diverse personnel that make up the IRS.
  • Outstanding litigator and advocate. Joe Viola combines all of the above positives with the skills and abilities that have made him an outstanding litigator and advocate.
  • Proven track record. Joe Viola boasts a proven track record of successfully litigating countless unresolved tax claims and helping many hundreds of taxpayers to remedy their federal tax problems.

Reasonable Fees and Personal Attention

  • Committed to your case. Joe Viola has an uncanny ability to ease client anxiety and uncertainty through constantly demonstrated and reinforced competence, concern and reassurance coupled with decisive action and regular progress reports – he cares as much as if not more than you do about your tax problems.
  • Personal attention from an experienced attorney. Joe Viola gives personal attention and sincere commitment to every client matter.
  • Regular case updates. Joe Viola offers an unparalleled level of client communication and explanation of relevant developments as well as ready availability to respond to clients’ questions and concerns.
  • Reasonable fees; no inflated expenses. Joe Viola charges reasonable and fully-explained professional fees and makes a constant effort to minimize client expenses while maintaining the high level of service necessary to achieve the best results.
  • Friendly service! Joe Viola genuinely enjoys dealing with a wide range of people on a friendly, down-to-earth basis and has the ability to exploit the humor and irony appropriately in the otherwise daunting tax controversy process.

We welcome you to learn more about attorney Joe Viola or contact us to schedule a consultation.