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AICPA Accountant Criticizes IRS Dispute Resolution Process

AICPA Criticizes Changes to IRS Dispute Resolution Process

When U.S. taxpayers find themselves in dispute with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) they can face confusing processes, a rotating roster of agents and employees, and an often opaque decision making process that can make them feel outnumbered and i… Read More
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Homes Damaged by Hurricane Harvey

Hurricanes & Natural Disasters: What You Need to Know About Casualty Deductions

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have rocked the southern states over the past weeks. Hundreds of thousands of people are returning to find their homes and businesses damaged, even destroyed. They may be able to use casualty deductions to offset s… Read More
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Categories: Tax Deductions
Rand Paul

Court Says Sen. Rand Paul, Plaintiffs Can't Challenge FATCA / FBAR

Senator Rand Paul and several individual plaintiffs asked an Ohio federal court to strike down the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), the Bank Secrecy Act’s Financial Bank Account Reporting (FBAR) requirement, and certain intergovernme… Read More
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Categories: FATCA, FBAR
Taxpayer Advocate Calls for IRS Transparency - Hand writing Transparency

Taxpayer Advocate Calls for IRS Transparency

Taxpayers facing an IRS audit or investigation often feel like the decisions come out of nowhere. Lack of transparency isn’t a new problem for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In fact, a recent report from the National Taxpayer Advocate expl… Read More
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Categories: IRS Audits, OVDP
Willful Tax Fraud - Crime Scene Tape on 1040 Form

IRS Seeks Prison Time for Willful Tax Fraud

It can sometimes feel like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is out to get taxpayers who don’t know the rules. But a recent federal court indictment, if proven true, will show that sometimes taxpayers know exactly what they are doing when they com… Read More
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Private IRS Debt Collectors Tear Up Rules

Private IRS Debt Collectors May Have Broken Federal Law

In April 2017, the IRS began using private debt collectors to pursue unpaid back taxes. But after only two months, it appears at least one of the contractors may have broken federal law to get the job done. 2015 Law Allows for Private IRS Debt Collec… Read More
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Categories: IRS Debt Collection
Tax Audit in Red

Taxpayers Beware: CPA Advice May Not Stop FBAR Penalties

Taxpayers across the country rely on advice from their accountants and CPAs to meet the complicated requirements of the U.S. Tax Code. But a case currently pending in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims suggests that CPA advice may not be enough to stop… Read More
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Scissors Cutting Words Income Tax: Family Caregiver Exemptions

Family Care Givers: Are You Missing IRS Tax Exemptions?

Family care givers charged with providing non-medical support to a parent, child, or other relative often face tough financial situations. When that’s the case, the IRS tax exemptions for Medicaid and foster care providers could offer some much… Read More
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Categories: Tax Exemptions
International Currency, Globe, Calculator Symbolizing Taxes of Covered Expatriate

Covered Expatriates May Still Have to Pay U.S. Taxes

The number of people leaving the United States for good is on the rise. However, just because ex-pats turn in their passports doesn’t mean they can throw away their U.S. tax forms. Find out whether you could be considered a “covered expat… Read More
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Categories: Tax News
Red Check Mark: Revoked

IRS Passport Revocation Raises Questions, Problems for Taxpayers

Starting in 2017, the IRS and State Department will be revoking passports for taxpayers with seriously delinquent tax debt. But the process raises questions and problems for individuals and tax preparers alike. Find out what to watch out for with thi… Read More
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Categories: Tax / IRS Penalties

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