We had many questions about our foreign bank account once we began receiving confusing letters and phone calls from our foreign bank and their attorneys. We wanted to do the right thing by complying with the IRS and the bank, but we also wanted someone to represent us who was on our side. 

There is a great deal of conflicting information on the internet on the subject of OVDP. While we found Joe's name using a Google search, we really made our decision to employ his services after our initial contact over the phone. Other tax attorneys that we spoke with were very fast talking and some even dismissive or condescending with their responses to our real concerns. Joe is very thoughtful in his responses and takes his time with each and every question. 

Our first face to face meeting found us apprehensive about what to do and how complicated the filing process would be. Joe clearly explained everything and gave us all of the information we needed to begin filling in the necessary paperwork to file the new returns. After agreeing on a very reasonable rate and experiencing no stress throughout the process, we were always confident that Joe was taking care of us. We are very relieved to have the OVDP process behind us. We could not have managed this without someone as knowledgeable, experienced and competent as Joe at the helm. We recommend him wholeheartedly.

– OVDP Clients, Moorestown, NJ

Joseph Viola is very personable, approachable attorney who maintains an excellent relationship with the IRS. Joe is aggressive without seeming that way and used the law to get me excellent results. Joseph has been a dedicated counsel and friend. Sometimes I worry that I am eating into his professional time, but Joe constantly assures me that it’s okay, and he’s always available.

Joe is well known and liked at the IRS tax offices in Philadelphia. The IRS knows his reputation of doing the right things and as such a trust is already established which allowed for the proper attention and resolution to happen in my case. I thought that negotiations with the IRS would be a complex stressful event but Joseph work[ed] with both the IRS and myself to get all matters resolved in [a] timely manner that prevented any financial hardship from tax lien or garnishment from occurring.   

Joe handled all aspects of my case and no paralegal was involved. This is much different than the large tax attorney corporations that ask you to call 800 numbers for tax problems. Joe['s] detailed knowledge of the taxpayers collection process allowed me to have a solution to my tax issues that were tailored to my situation. Joe put all his knowledge and experience with working with IRS agents for years to work for me in a personalized manner.  As such I was able to have all my tax issues solved.

– IRS Collections Client, Philadelphia, PA

I had a delicate situation with IRS four years ago. My accountant and his attorney tried help me on my issue, but I didn't see any improvement on my case. I started contacting other attorneys that could help me.

I choose Joseph Viola because he returned my message on [the] same day. On the first visit in his office the reception was outstanding, he explained ... [the] process [in a] clear and smooth way (easy to understand) with a touch of humor mixed in. I'm very happy with the results after all negotiations and contacts with IRS. I will recommend Joseph Viola for everyone involved with IRS issues.

– Small Business Tax Client, Philadelphia

Joe has been invaluable in helping us with a challenging and confusing issue. We are American expats living and working in China for many years. We filed our returns annually just like other Americans, but unaware of the additional FBAR requirement until FATCA became effective recently. The law suddenly turned to "the talk of the town" among Americans. While we immediately realized we needed to take steps to be in compliance, we struggled with the complex tax-related issues and didn’t know how we would go about it ourselves.

Very fortunately we found Joe. Joe is a real expert in the field of tax laws. Leveraging his decades of experience in helping Americans with tax issues both domestic and foreign, he guided us through a complicated process, shared most up-to-date filing requirements, and helped us complete the necessary steps to becoming in compliance. Joe was nice and thorough. He was also very patient in explaining the details to us. Thank you, Joe, for all your help and support! We’re very grateful and eager to recommend your services to our fellow American friends.

– OVDP Clients, Shanghai

I enthusiastically recommend Joseph for any tax matter requiring legal advice. Joseph assisted me with my OVDP submission. He was well informed in all aspects of the OVDP program at all times during the submission process, including any changes in rules or procedures. His extensive knowledge and experience in tax law allowed him to provide comprehensive answers to any questions I had. Joseph was always available for consultation and always took the time to listen to my concerns and to provide thoughtful advice. Thanks to Joseph’s diligence we were fully prepared ahead of any deadlines. Joseph’s counsel at every step of the process was fundamental in preparing a submission that was clear and specific and resulted in a prompt and satisfactory resolution of the OVDP submission. Joseph has a gift for conveying complex tax law matters to the average person.

– OVDP Client, Elkins Park, PA

I was contacted by the IRS for back taxes years after I closed my business. I was beginning a new career and my income was substantially less than I had previously earned. I had used Joseph’s legal counsel in the past, and I reached out for advice. He worked with the IRS on my behalf and explained my current financial situation. He helped me come to a settlement with them for pennies on the dollar of the amount owed. He structured a payment schedule with the IRS which did not put a strain on my new monthly income. Joe made the process painless, it was completed in a couple weeks and I never had to speak with the IRS. His services gave me the financial freedom to begin a new path in life and eliminate my tax burden. I would highly recommend his services. 

– IRS Collections Client, Philadelphia, PA

I was looking for a lawyer knowledgeable in foreign bank accounts, specifically OVPD voluntary disclosures; I chose Joseph Viola over two other attorneys in California and D.C. In contrast to them he was listed in the Martindale-Hubble Law Directory and he was very generous with his time in our first telephone conversation. Most importantly, he was transparent with his explanations. 

When IRS forms and questions became too complicated and worrisome, Viola stepped in and did the actual figuring and work for me. He was very well informed about the latest changes in regulations and saved me a lot of money. I could completely rely on his competence and sensitivity when dealing with the IRS. He took a huge load off my shoulder. 

Throughout our cooperation Viola was discrete, trustworthy and personable, and sometimes very funny which helped in the dismal tax business. I appreciated him and would always recommend him.

– OVDP Client, Lancaster, PA

I was in a very scary tax situation and need a lot of help. I had previously sought help from professionals who were referred to me and despite the personal referrals, it soon became apparent that I was just a number to them. They basically took my money and left me worse off than I was when I started.

I was not referred to Joe personally; I came across him through research I did on the web. I sensed through researching his background and his sincerity on the phone, that I should meet with him. However given my previous experiences with other professionals, I was trepidatious to say the least.

To my amazement and pleasant surprise, l immediately found Joe to be engaging, concerned about my well being and willing to spend a considerable amount of time to both get to know me and the details of my predicament. l soon realized that he would do what it is he said he would do and throughout the process, he never charged me a penny more than was quoted.

I have found Joe to have a rare combination professional competence coupled with character qualities that can make a scary and distasteful process feel safe and tolerable. I also believe that his many years of experience and track record allow his gentle manner to appease any potentially adversarial negotiations.

I think you will find when you meet Joe, that he is honest, caring, engaging and truly wants to serve his clients in an extraordinary fashion. I also believe that when he meets with governmental professionals, that they sense the same and respond to his honesty and sincerity. He is truly a master at creating rapport and fostering a cooperative environment to bring forth resolution to a problem.

Whereas I used to cower in fear at the thought of having to deal with my tax issues, I actually began to look forward to each step because I knew I was in capable hands and Joe always put me at ease. If you find yourself in a position such as I have described above and share the emotions of which I spoke, I would highly recommend that you speak with Joe.

– IRS Collections Client, Chester County, PA

I was referred to Mr. Viola by a personal friend of mine. Mr. Viola has been an absolute Godsend to me. I came to him with a very complex tax problem that I did not believe could be solved. I was very frightened and humiliated. He treated me with the utmost respect and dignity. He assured me that my problem could be solved. That tax problem was resolved, as were other tax problems that came up. Not only is he the BEST tax lawyer, but, most importantly the BEST person to have on your side.