Philadelphia Tax Attorney Working with Referring Attorneys and Professionals

It isn’t always a letter from the IRS that raises tax law concerns. Serious tax compliance questions can arise from an accountant’s review of an individual or business’s records, from an unexpected notice from the IRS, or as part of an unrelated legal matter. When that happens, lawyers and accountants throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey may worry about giving the wrong advice and making their client’s situation worse. When you uncover your client’s tax problem you don’t have to turn them away. Instead, you can collaborate with an experienced tax attorney to give your clients well-rounded advice that covers all their legal needs.

Partnering with Accountants and CPAs to Resolve IRS Issues

CPAs often walk a fine line between advocating for their clients with the IRS on one hand and practicing law on the other. Unless you have a secondary degree in tax law and years of hands-on experience handling real tax controversies, that line can be a dangerous one to cross. When a client’s issues with the IRS go beyond correcting filing errors and making payments, you need the help of a tax attorney who knows the IRS inside and out.

With over 30 years of experience, Joe Viola has developed a nuanced approach to federal tax law and procedure. He can partner with accountants and CPAs to provide legal representation on matters ranging from IRS audits and examinations to negotiating installment agreements and offers in compromise. He can also represent your clients in the U.S. Tax Court or federal district court to contest improper assessments and relieve them from unnecessary tax burden.

Collaborating with Attorneys when Tax Issues are Only Part of the Trouble

In other cases, tax concerns may not be at the center of your clients concerns. Attorneys in the areas of divorce, real estate, or trust and estate administration may find that by advocating for their clients’ interests, they expose unsettled tax liability. Most lawyers do not have the experience necessary to properly advise clients on how the IRS will respond to claims that an innocent spouse should pay for their ex-spouse’s tax debts, or concerns that an outstanding tax lien is interfering with the sale of a home. They may not know what an executor or trust administrator needs to do to properly report a deceased loved one’s foreign financial assets.

Joe Viola has the experience you are missing. With wide-ranging knowledge of federal tax law, particularly in regard to foreign assets and IRS collection efforts, he can assist you and your clients in making decisions to resolve your case without creating bigger tax compliance issues for your clients. If a final order does alert the IRS to an outstanding tax problem, Joe can provide your clients with ongoing tax litigation services to advocate on their behalf and minimize their tax liability.

How Tax Attorney Joe Viola Works with Referring Attorneys and Professionals

To get Joe Viola on your client’s team, it starts with a phone call. Joe will happily speak to you to discuss your tax law concerns and review your client’s case. You may simply need some tax guidance, or your clients may face full tax court litigation. Either way, Joe can assist you and act as co-counsel, stepping in to handle the often complex and sometimes confusing IRS procedures.

Joseph R. Viola is prepared to work with your clients and referrals from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Since Joe’s practice focuses entirely on tax issues, you can remain involved as the matter continues, or step back and let him take the lead without worrying that you may lose a long-term client. Call or contact Joe Viola online to discuss your referral and schedule an initial consultation for you or your clients.

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