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Do You Have to Report Your Business’s Foreign Financial Accounts on Your FBAR?

If you are operating a business with accounts overseas, it may make sense to maintain foreign financial accounts in those countries to make doing business easier. But as a business owner, choosing to open bank accounts in other countries may create t… Read More
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Non-Willful FBAR Penalties Capped Per Year, Not Account, Court Says

Could the way you do your banking affect how much you pay in IRS filing penalties? Until recently, the answer was universally yes. Now a federal district court judge in Texas has said that for non-willful FBAR penalties, Congress set the cap per year… Read More
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Married Spouses’ Willful FBAR Penalties Are Double, Treasury Department Says

Most married couples manage their money together. They may hold accounts jointly, or each keep their names on their own assets. But according to a recent complaint filed by the United States Secretary of Treasury, even keeping accounts in one spouse… Read More
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IRS Says Widow Committed Willful FBAR Violations Just by Signing Tax Returns

In many relationships, one spouse may handle all the financial affairs of the household. But what happens when that spouse dies? Can a widow (or widower) be assessed a willful FBAR penalty just for signing tax returns prepared by her spouse and a CPA… Read More
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How Courts Calculate Will…

How Courts Calculate Willful FBAR Penalties

If things have gone wrong and you find yourself and your overseas bank accounts the subject of an IRS audit, you may feel like you are preparing for the worst. But what is the worst? How do the IRS and tax courts calculate willful FBAR penalties when… Read More
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Is a Retirement Account E…

Is a Retirement Account Early Withdrawal Tax Penalty Unconstitutional Discrimination?

What’s the difference between a tax-advantaged retirement account and a regular savings account? About 10% if you take a withdrawal too early. But could that early withdrawal tax penalty be unconstitutional age or disability discrimination? The U.S… Read More
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IRS Processing Delays Cre…

IRS Processing Delays Create Trouble for Foreign Trust Beneficiaries

In this digital age, having documents “cross in the mail” is almost obsolete. However, IRS processing delays in reviewing foreign trust beneficiaries’ reasonable cause applications for forgiveness of reporting penalties can mean taxpayers recei… Read More
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IRS Excuses Foreign Trust…

IRS Excuses Foreign Trust Reporting for Some Beneficiaries

Retirement brings significant changes to the way U.S. taxpayers receive income, and report that income to the IRS. Up until now, if some part of that retirement income came from a foreign trust, beneficiaries ran the risk of IRS penalties unless they… Read More
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Can a U.S. Embassy Seize…

Can a U.S. Embassy Seize Your Passport For Seriously Delinquent Tax Debt?

American citizens living abroad rely on their local U.S. embassy to be their connection to their home country. That includes processing passport renewal applications. But if the IRS has certified you to the State Department for having seriously delin… Read More
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Failing Company Lead to C…

Failing Company Lead to Criminal Tax Charges for Business Owner

When a business opportunity turns sour it can leave entrepreneurs struggling to pay their employees and satisfy their creditors, including the IRS. A recent Court of Appeals decision shows how decisions made in a failing company led to criminal tax c… Read More
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