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A letter from the IRS.

What to Do if You Receive a Soft Letter from the IRS

Enforcement at the IRS is getting tighter. Now that the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program is closed, taxpayers with foreign financial accounts are facing the possibility of higher penalties and tighter scrutiny of their offshore assets. One metho… Read More
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OVDP or Streamlined Voluntary Disclosure

OVDP or Streamlined: Which Voluntary Disclosure Procedure Should You Use?

The IRS recently encouraged U.S. taxpayers to come clean about unreported foreign financial assets and income. The agency offered up two voluntary disclosure procedures to save non-compliant taxpayers from steep penalties and criminal prosecutions. B… Read More
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Disclose Offshore Bank Accounts Before 2017

Get Your Offshore Account Voluntary Disclosures Resolved Before Year End

If you are one of the thousands of American taxpayers with offshore financial accounts, the idea of not being in compliance with IRS reporting requirements may make your hair stand on end. You don’t have to live in fear of an audit. Find out ho… Read More
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