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Steps to Take Before Suing the IRS for a Tax Refund

When the IRS makes a mistake, individuals and small businesses often want it corrected in a hurry. They may rush to file a lawsuit to correct the error. But if you miss certain steps before suing the IRS for a tax refund, your case could be dismissed… Read More
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What Happens if Your Accountant Fails to e-File Your Tax Extension Request?

April 15 may be known as Tax Day, but every year, millions of taxpayers file tax extension forms to request more time to complete their tax returns. Many of those taxpayers don’t file the forms themselves. Instead, they rely on accountants to e-fil… Read More
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Can the IRS Enforce a Jud…

Can the IRS Enforce a Judgment Lien on Gifted Property?

When facing an IRS audit, it might seem expedient to take steps to protect your assets from collections. You might consider giving your home to your children, for example. But this only raises a new question of whether the IRS can enforce a judgment… Read More
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Miscalculated Willful FBAR Penalties Create Problems for the Court

What happens when a court decides the IRS miscalculated willful FBAR penalties? Will the penalty be forgiven? Is it the court’s job to fix the math errors, or should it remand the matter to the IRS to recalculate? And could that miscalculation actu… Read More
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Will an FBAR Lawsuit Stop IRS Interest Penalties?

Whenever the IRS issues an assessment, it starts a clock. Unless taxpayers work quickly to address the issue, they will begin to accrue penalties and interest on that assessment. But what happens if you take the IRS to court over improper FBAR penalt… Read More
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Can You Take Deductions for Your Hobby Business?

These days, many U.S. taxpayers have a side gig they use to supplement their income and pursue their passions. Sometimes, these activities can come with significant expenses. You may wonder whether creating a business entity will provide tax relief.… Read More
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Fifth Circuit Widens Split Over Non-Willful FBAR Penalties

Is mistakenly failing to file a Report of Foreign Financial Accounts (FBAR) one violation of the Bank Secrecy Act, or several? Whether non-willful FBAR penalties apply per form or per account has become the next big debate among tax attorneys and fed… Read More
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Courts Split Over Finding…

Courts Split Over Finding Multiple FBAR Violations In One Tax Year

When U.S. taxpayers do banking overseas, they don’t often choose an investment strategy based on the number of accounts they will hold. However, the IRS maintains that it can assess penalties for multiple FBAR violations in one tax year. That could… Read More
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Can an Informal Trust Shi…

Can an Informal Trust Shield a Trustee from FBAR Penalties?

When family money is passed down through the generations, it isn’t always clear who owns the accounts, or who is required to disclose them to the IRS. A recent case from the Federal Court of Claims considers whether an undocumented, informal trust… Read More
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Will Tax Prep Software Prevent Willful FBAR Penalties?

Every year, millions of Americans file their taxes using TurboTax or another commercial tax prep software. The hope is that these programs will make sure their taxes are done correctly and avoid penalties or even an IRS audit. However, one recent cas… Read More
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