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Steps to Take Before Suing the IRS for a Tax Refund

When the IRS makes a mistake, individuals and small businesses often want it corrected in a hurry. They may rush to file a lawsuit to correct the error. But if you miss certain steps before suing the IRS for a tax refund, your case could be dismissed… Read More
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Is a Disability Discrimination Award Taxable as Income?

By the time a wrongfully terminated employee receives their disability discrimination award after filing an employment discrimination lawsuit, much of that money is already earmarked for lawyers, medical providers, and other bills that have come due.… Read More
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Is a Retirement Account E…

Is a Retirement Account Early Withdrawal Tax Penalty Unconstitutional Discrimination?

What’s the difference between a tax-advantaged retirement account and a regular savings account? About 10% if you take a withdrawal too early. But could that early withdrawal tax penalty be unconstitutional age or disability discrimination? The U.S… Read More
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Court Says Taxpayer Could…

Court Says Taxpayer Could Not Redeem Real Estate Sold Under Tax Lien

Taxpayers who sink their assets into real estate rather than pay their taxes can find themselves facing sheriff sales when the IRS comes to collect what is owed. One taxpayer tried to use a Utah law to redeem real estate sold under a tax lien, but th… Read More
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Bankruptcy Court Lifts St…

Bankruptcy Court Lifts Stay for IRS to Collect Tax Lien on Retiree’s Pension

Bankruptcy attorneys often advise clients that filing their bankruptcy petition will put an end to collections efforts by creditors. However, tax attorneys know that the IRS does not give up so easily. A recent bankruptcy court case shows that an aut… Read More
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