Joe has been invaluable in helping us with a challenging and confusing issue. We are American expats living and working in China for many years. We filed our returns annually just like other Americans, but unaware of the additional FBAR requirement until FATCA became effective recently. The law suddenly turned to "the talk of the town" among Americans. While we immediately realized we needed to take steps to be in compliance, we struggled with the complex tax-related issues and didn’t know how we would go about it ourselves.

Very fortunately we found Joe. Joe is a real expert in the field of tax laws. Leveraging his decades of experience in helping Americans with tax issues both domestic and foreign, he guided us through a complicated process, shared most up-to-date filing requirements, and helped us complete the necessary steps to becoming in compliance. Joe was nice and thorough. He was also very patient in explaining the details to us. Thank you, Joe, for all your help and support! We’re very grateful and eager to recommend your services to our fellow American friends.