We had many questions about our foreign bank account once we began receiving confusing letters and phone calls from our foreign bank and their attorneys. We wanted to do the right thing by complying with the IRS and the bank, but we also wanted someone to represent us who was on our side. 

There is a great deal of conflicting information on the internet on the subject of OVDP. While we found Joe's name using a Google search, we really made our decision to employ his services after our initial contact over the phone. Other tax attorneys that we spoke with were very fast talking and some even dismissive or condescending with their responses to our real concerns. Joe is very thoughtful in his responses and takes his time with each and every question. 

Our first face to face meeting found us apprehensive about what to do and how complicated the filing process would be. Joe clearly explained everything and gave us all of the information we needed to begin filling in the necessary paperwork to file the new returns. After agreeing on a very reasonable rate and experiencing no stress throughout the process, we were always confident that Joe was taking care of us. We are very relieved to have the OVDP process behind us. We could not have managed this without someone as knowledgeable, experienced and competent as Joe at the helm. We recommend him wholeheartedly.