Joseph Viola is very personable, approachable attorney who maintains an excellent relationship with the IRS. Joe is aggressive without seeming that way and used the law to get me excellent results. Joseph has been a dedicated counsel and friend. Sometimes I worry that I am eating into his professional time, but Joe constantly assures me that it’s okay, and he’s always available.

Joe is well known and liked at the IRS tax offices in Philadelphia. The IRS knows his reputation of doing the right things and as such a trust is already established which allowed for the proper attention and resolution to happen in my case. I thought that negotiations with the IRS would be a complex stressful event but Joseph work[ed] with both the IRS and myself to get all matters resolved in [a] timely manner that prevented any financial hardship from tax lien or garnishment from occurring.   

Joe handled all aspects of my case and no paralegal was involved. This is much different than the large tax attorney corporations that ask you to call 800 numbers for tax problems. Joe['s] detailed knowledge of the taxpayers collection process allowed me to have a solution to my tax issues that were tailored to my situation. Joe put all his knowledge and experience with working with IRS agents for years to work for me in a personalized manner.  As such I was able to have all my tax issues solved.