I was in a very scary tax situation and need a lot of help. I had previously sought help from professionals who were referred to me and despite the personal referrals, it soon became apparent that I was just a number to them. They basically took my money and left me worse off than I was when I started.

I was not referred to Joe personally; I came across him through research I did on the web. I sensed through researching his background and his sincerity on the phone, that I should meet with him. However given my previous experiences with other professionals, I was trepidatious to say the least.

To my amazement and pleasant surprise, l immediately found Joe to be engaging, concerned about my well being and willing to spend a considerable amount of time to both get to know me and the details of my predicament. l soon realized that he would do what it is he said he would do and throughout the process, he never charged me a penny more than was quoted.

I have found Joe to have a rare combination professional competence coupled with character qualities that can make a scary and distasteful process feel safe and tolerable. I also believe that his many years of experience and track record allow his gentle manner to appease any potentially adversarial negotiations.

I think you will find when you meet Joe, that he is honest, caring, engaging and truly wants to serve his clients in an extraordinary fashion. I also believe that when he meets with governmental professionals, that they sense the same and respond to his honesty and sincerity. He is truly a master at creating rapport and fostering a cooperative environment to bring forth resolution to a problem.

Whereas I used to cower in fear at the thought of having to deal with my tax issues, I actually began to look forward to each step because I knew I was in capable hands and Joe always put me at ease. If you find yourself in a position such as I have described above and share the emotions of which I spoke, I would highly recommend that you speak with Joe.