Philadelphia Tax Attorney to Help Non-Filers Safely Get Back Into "The System" and Stay in Compliance

For many people who stop filing tax returns with the IRS, it is all too easy for one year of not filing to turn into multiple years. The IRS refers to people in that position as nonfilers. The IRS view nonfilers as a major challenge for the organization and they have procedures in place to help them deal with that challenge.

If you have any reported income, from a W2 or 1099 for example, the IRS will file for you. Using a substitute for return (SFR), the IRS will file a tax return that is guaranteed to cost you more in taxes than if you had filed on your own. The IRS method treats every dollar reported as taxable income and allows only the minimum possible deductions.

Back Tax Returns — IRS Collections

If you have unfiled tax returns, the best option is to become reintegrated into the system. Once you have come into compliance with the IRS again, you can begin negotiating a payment plan or other options that will actually save you money. Even if you have not filed for years, we can help you begin attacking your IRS issues with back tax returns. The IRS policy is to require returns for only the most recent six years, except in unusual circumstances, even though there is technically no statute of limitations applicable to nonfilers. This policy gives taxpayers the option to file up to six years worth of returns at once. While years' worth of interest and nonpayment and late payment penalties may have accrued based on how much actual tax is owed, filing a correct return stops further penalties and payment plans geared to the taxpayer's ability to pay are offered even to former nonfilers.

If you are a non-filer worried about IRS collection issues or criminal prosecution, call Philadelphia tax attorney Joseph R. Viola to schedule a face-to face consultation and get the help you need. Joe Viola has more than 30 years of experience and a Master of Laws degree in Taxation. He is committed to using his deep knowledge on tax issues to help you secure the best possible outcome.